Best Umbrella in India 2024 – Review & Buying Guide

The travelguidemate editorial team spent thousands of hours researching, analyzing and comparing the best umbrellas in order to find those that offer the best value for money.

During certain periods of the year, the weather is not mild. Unless you stay at home all day, you must equip yourself to go about your daily activities. An umbrella is an effective tool for braving the rain and staying dry.

Best Umbrella In India

A rainy day can not only ruin your plans and your outfit, but also damper your mood, but with a great umbrella in your hands, rain need not play a spoilsport to your day. Whether you pick a practical, classic black, or vibrant color to brighten up the greyest of days, a great umbrella can keep you dry on a drab, rainy day.

Best Umbrellas in India

When buying a new umbrella, you have tons of choices. So can you know which one is best for your needs? That’s where the travelguidemate experts come into play. Read this article on the best umbrella in India to find the perfect model for you!

S. No.UmbrellasPrice
1.Sun UmbrellasRs. 805
2.Citizen UmbrellasRs. 267
3.John’s UmbrellasRs. 539
4.Fendo UmbrellasRs. 317
5.Destinio UmbrellasRs. 849
6.Popy UmbrellasRs. 559
7.Cheeky Chunk UmbrellasRs. 690
8.FabSeasons UmbrellasRs. 555
9.Stephen Joseph UmbrellasRs. 1,067
10.Esprit UmbrellasRs. 1,895

List of 10 Best Umbrella Brands In India 2024

  • Sun Umbrellas
  • Citizen Umbrellas
  • John’s Umbrellas
  • Fendo Umbrellas
  • Destinio Umbrellas
  • Popy Umbrellas
  • Cheeky Chunk Umbrellas
  • FabSeasons Umbrellas
  • Stephen Joseph Umbrellas
  • Esprit Umbrellas

1. Sun Umbrellas

For over 135 years, Sun umbrellas have been popping up cheerfully during the monsoon, offering great value for customers. Since 1880, the makers of Sun umbrellas have set the standards of trust and quality and established themselves as a leading umbrella manufacturer.

Umbrellas manufactured by this brand have a number of superior features that distinguish them from all other umbrella brands. From easy-to-snap-open-or-shut frames and precision molded handles to a variety of waterproof and UV protected fabrics, every component of a Sun umbrella is selected with uncompromising commitment to the finest quality. This passion for quality ensures that each umbrella that you buy is durable for many seasons.

2. Citizen Umbrellas

Citizen umbrellas is one of the oldest umbrella manufacturers with its base in Kolkata. The brand has made a name for itself by offering an impressive range of umbrellas at reasonable prices.It markets solid umbrellas, which combine ease of use with great durability and wind resistance.

Its models of umbrellas are very appreciated, because they provide the expected results, at prices that are lower than that of other products.

3. John’s Umbrellas

Johns Umbrella is one of the earliest Indian pioneers in the umbrella manufacturing industry and has been in the umbrella making business for the past 70 years. With their roots in Kerala, the brand has gradually grown to became a leading manufacturer of quality umbrellas in India and transformed a utility product into a must-have fashion accessory.

Johns go all-out to ensure that every umbrella that they sell is a symbol of quality, safety and good value for money. Each and every umbrella manufactured by Johns has a sophisticated design, state-of-the-art technology applications for functionality, compactness and durability. Other features like UV protection canopy, stainless steel tubes, zinc plated ribs and water repellent coating can also be found in John’s umbrellas.

4. Fendo Umbrellas

Fendo umbrellas are designed with great attention to detail to protect you from rain, sleet and snow. Years of research and commitment to excellence translate into a brand that designs umbrellas that will keep you dry and travel comfortably with you.

Manufactured with a clever combination of wind-defying features, portability, ergonomics-focused design, high-quality materials and manufacturing standards, Fendo umbrellas are capable of resisting powerful gusts without spilling.

5. Destinio Umbrellas

A useful addition to any travel bag, backpack, or briefcase, Destinio umbrellas help keep you dry when the skies turn dark and the pouring rain begins. From warm Spring showers to fierce Fall storms and unruly wind tunnels, the Destinio umbrella makes for a great take-along companion when you need to get from here to there without getting drenched.

Built to last through many rainy seasons, year after year, the Destinio umbrellas feature a durable steel construction with a canopy made of reliable, waterproof polyester. Sturdy, yet lightweight, umbrellas manufactured by this brand help get you where you’re going without having to worry about the weather.

6. Popy Umbrellas

Popy’s is one of the oldest existing umbrella-makers based in Alappuzha, Kerala. The brand is synonymous with umbrellas in Kerala; there’s a Popy in virtually every home. This umbrella maker is constantly reinventing the umbrella to get it to do more.

For instance, when Ratan Tata launched the Nano car in 2008, the brand was quick to clench the opportunity and introduced Nano umbrella, which at 16cm claims to be the world’s smallest. Popy even has a Wonder 7 variant that has seven features including torch, thermometer, compass and whistle.

7. Cheeky Chunk Umbrellas

Cheeky Chunk was launched in 2014 in Mumbai to fulfill the founder’s dream of designing and selling unique, colourful umbrellas. Umbrellas from this brand can be seen showcasing doodles of wada pav, chai, paper boats, baarish and everything that connects one to the rains.

With an aim to make your monsoons brighter, the brand offers the finest quality of cheerful umbrellas that are sure to make you stand out. By offering creative umbrellas made after extensive research and numerous quality checks, Cheeky Chunk as turned a utility item into a fashion statement.

8. FabSeasons Umbrellas

FabSeasons is a reliable brand when it comes to umbrellas. Its products have met the best reviews thanks to their successful design, resistance and practicality. Available in different shapes and sizes combining quality and aesthetics, each FabSeasons umbrella is designed as a real fashion accessory

Known for their attention to detail and commitment to quality, FabSeasons’ engineering standards, superior materials and unique finishing techniques help it create the finest umbrellas. Whether you’re looking for patterned umbrellas to compliment your maximalist style or windproof umbrellas for those commutes to work, FabSeasons has them all.

9. Stephen Joseph Umbrellas

Since 1981, Stephen Joseph has been dedicated to creating fun and unique umbrellas for kids. Your little one will be singing in the rain when they get their new Stephen Joseph Umbrella. They’re the perfect accessory to keep kids dry and can be coordinated with the whole rainy day outfit with matching boots and rain coat.

The Stephen Joseph umbrellas come with easy push/pull opening to keep the child’s fingers safe from harm. They’re so fun, your kids will want it to rain all the time. All Stephen Joseph umbrellas comply with international standards of safety and are free from harmful chemicals such as BPA, PVC and phthalates.

10. Esprit Umbrellas

Esprit is an international fashion brand that represents style and quality since 1968. Founded in San Francisco by Susie and Doug Tompkins, Esprit works on a basis of creativity and responsibility, fused with a sunny Californian attitude.

Made-to-last quality, use of natural materials and responsible production, has made Esprit umbrellas extremely popular among fashion-conscious millennials. Each piece is designed keeping the latest market trends in mind.

Types of Umbrellas

Before going further, a little reminder on the different existing models is essential: 

Types Of UmbrellaPrice Range
Inverted UmbrellasRs 400 – 800
Straight UmbrellasRs 550 – 900
Foldable UmbrellasRs 350 – 700
Kids UmbrellasRs 150 – 500
Golf UmbrellasRs 700 – 1000

1. The Reversible/Inverted Umbrella

Very fun to use, it can be opened or closed in a limited space and some even have a C-shaped handle to hang them more easily. The main difference between the classic model and inverted model is the reverse locking mechanism. To open the umbrella, move the slider up along the stick and to close the umbrella, pull the slider down.

This brings out the main advantage of reverse umbrellas: when the umbrella is closed, the dry underside of the umbrella is on the outside. According to the manufacturers of these umbrellas, your clothes, the car seat or parquet floors should stay dry.

2. The Straight Umbrella

Used since the 17th century, it is characterized by its non-foldable pole. And while it continues to be considered very distinguished, it has the advantage of being resistant and covering a large area. Unfortunately, it is not easy to store because of its larger size.

So, consider taking a model that reaches your hips or is shorter, so that you can carry it more easily under your arm.

3. The Foldable Umbrella

More recent, it has two parts which fit into each other. Its length can be considerably reduced after folding, it is particularly easy to store and transport. To fold the umbrella completely, all you have to do is slide the two movable elements of the stick into each other and close the strap with a push button or Velcro. On the other hand, its retractable nature greatly weakens its whales and its mast.

4. The Golf Umbrella

Even if it has a more imposing format than the previous models, it nevertheless benefits from a more efficient quality, particularly in terms of the handle, the fabric, the mast and the whales.

Such sturdily built umbrellas should enable you to continue playing in the rain and the blazing sun. That is why the tightly woven material of the covering is not only water-repellent, but also has a high sun protection factor.

5. The Fishing Umbrella

For people who like to devote themselves to fishing, you can find products specially adapted to your activity. Generally size XL, the tip of the handle can be planted in the ground for optimal coverage. This umbrella also has a tilt function for optimal adaptation to the wind and the position of the sun.

So, once you know which type of umbrella you are going to aim for, you should ideally take into account the below-mentioned criteria.

Umbrella Buying Guide

Currently, the market is full of umbrellas of all kinds. Even if the manufacturers try to stand out by offering ever more innovative and practical models, the main thing is obviously to choose one that is able to resist a possible gale.

To help you in your choice, we have taken the initiative to draw up a list with the few points that you need to consider.

1. Opening and Closing system

There are two possibilities. The first is to open the umbrella by sliding the tip on the pole. It then suffices to press the said endpiece to close it. The second option is to press the same button to deploy and close the umbrella, which can make your life considerably easier.  

2. The Handle

There are two types: the tube, often in hollow metal and lighter (but less solid) and the wooden handle, more solid, but less flexible. The best umbrellas are those with a non-slip handle, possibly soft and ergonomic. If they are also equipped with a strap to be able to put it on the wrist and have your hands free even better.

3. The Mast

As a central element, the mast must be resistant. Generally made of steel, it can also use glass or aluminum fibers in its design, for a more solid and light rendering.

4. Whales

While the majority of umbrellas have between 6 and 8 whales, some may have more than 10. Although the most used materials are reinforced steel, fiberglass and lined fiber, it is not uncommon to find carbon fiber in more expensive models. In addition, note that the resistance of the whales is proportional to the tension of the fabric. The more it is stretched, the more its resistance to the wind is important.

5. Canvas or Fabric

For an umbrella to effectively protect you, maximum waterproofing is required. Waterproof fabric is often made of polyester, cotton or PVC. But you will also find umbrellas in nylon fabrics, which dry quickly and benefit from a windproof effect and fabrics made of POE (a modified elastic polymer with pearling effect) or even Teflon, an anti-stain plastic material.

6. Size

The larger the umbrella, the more it will protect you from the rain. In any case, that’s the idea. Large golf umbrellas are designed to be large enough to protect you and your equipment from the rain, while small folding umbrellas have room only for you. If you are looking for a large umbrella, buy one that is light. The extra size could make transportation with you difficult.

7. Safety

Safety is another important feature to consider when choosing an umbrella. The ribs of the umbrella must fit into the pockets of the canopy, so that they are not exposed. This way you won’t risk hitting yourself or passersby.

8. Color and Design

As practical as they can be, umbrellas are also and undoubtedly accessories to enhance your style; provided you choose the right models. Some color combinations are more intended for your pocket square than for your umbrella.

To avoid taking risks, opt for relatively neutral colors. And no, neutral does not mean plain or boring. So, avoid monochrome models, without going into extravagance.

Frequently Asked Questions About Umbrellas (FAQs):

1. What is an umbrella?

The umbrella is a portable and foldable device that protects its user not only from rain, but also from the sun. In other words, this accessory allows you to walk in the sun and rain without being bothered by heat or humidity.

The first removable umbrella was designed by Emperor Wang Mang, founder of the Xin Dynasty. This model had joints that allowed it to expand and retract.

Even though an umbrella is now available in different sizes and shapes, its configuration remains the same for all models: a central pole (or mast) serves to support the whales (or articulated rods) via a sliding ring.

2. Which is best quality Umbrella brand in India?

The best brand for umbrella in India are – Sun Umbrellas, Citizen Umbrellas, John’s Umbrellas, Fendo Umbrellas, AmazonBasics Umbrellas, Popy Umbrellas, Cheeky Chunk Umbrellas, Murano Umbrellas, Stephen Joseph Umbrellas For Kids, Esprit Umbrellas, FabSeasons Umbrellas, Asera Umbrellas and Dunlop Umbrellas.

3. How does an umbrella work?

Understanding how the umbrella works is an important step when developing a clear and concise comparison to buy the best product.

1. The canvas – This is the fabric that covers the accessory. The canvas is often made from polyester, a resistant material that does not degrade under the effect of the sun or rain.

2. The ferrule – This element is positioned at the top of the umbrella, between the mast and the canvas. Its role is to prevent water from flowing along the mast by sliding it on the canvas. For a better seal, one can also find a joint between the ferrule and the fabric.

3. The ribs – They support the canvas and guarantee better resistance of the umbrella. They also have an impact on the shape of the umbrella when it is open.

4. The slide – Whatever the type of umbrella (automatic or manual), the slide is the part which allows the umbrella to be opened or closed by a sliding action along the mast.

5. The mast – It is the spine of the umbrella which supports all the pieces.

4. Are umbrellas feminine?

For centuries umbrellas were considered to a feminine accessory, until 1750 when English gentlemen Jonas Hanway popularized the umbrella by bringing it with him wherever he went. While enduring some laughter at first, Hanway eventually broke the taboo of only women using umbrellas.

5. Does black umbrella protect from sun?

According to a U.S. study published in JAMA Dermatology, any regular umbrella is capable of blocking more than 75% of ultraviolet (UV) light on a sunny day. The Black one does even better by blocking at least 90% of rays. But overall, sun umbrellas i.e. those marketed specifically to block UV rays offered the most protection, blocking more than 99% of UV rays.

6. How do you open an umbrella?

In most cases, today’s umbrellas are equipped with an automatic system so that we can open our umbrella at the push of a button. The spokes are pressed apart by a spring mechanism and the canopy can unfold. To ensure that it stays open, there is a small metal nose below the slider which prevents it from collapsing again.


After several hours of research and in-depth analysis of over thirty models, we have determined that John’s polyester umbrella currently represents the very best in umbrella. Ergonomic and very elegant, it can accommodate several people thanks to the size of its canvas. In addition, its waterproof lined fabric is reliable since it does not weaken against the wind or the rain.

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