Best Bike Gloves in India 2024 – Review and Buying Guide

If you are an avid rider – be it biking or cycling, you need to invest in proper riding gloves. Known and built to provide comfort and protection from the elements – riding gloves are a must. In particular if you take on long arduous road trips. Be it the summer or essential gloves for the winter, we bring you the best bike gloves in India – reviewed and in all their glory.

In the winters, gloves are a must, in addition summer gloves are also worth the purchase. Riding gloves provide comfort, safety and additional help when riding bikes or during cycling.

Best Bike Gloves in India – Reviewed : Updated 2024

Winters or summers, avid bike riders and cyclists are always on the go. Investing in a good pair of gloves can make all the difference to your passion. Experts at travelguidemate bring to you the best bike gloves in India, so you can choose from the best.

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1. Royal Enfield Bike Gloves : Black Faux Leather

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  • Abrasion-resistant faux leather.
  • Thermoformed protector (TPU) at knuckles and finger joints.
  • Air mesh to ensure comfortable ride in summers.
  • Elasticated mesh panel on fingers.

2. Probiker Bike Gloves : Synthetic Leather

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  • Heat and tear resistant.
  • Water, dirt and oil repellent.
  • Pre-curved fingers fit riding style.

3. KANDID Bike Gloves : Unisex Winter Bike Leather

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  • High Quality of leather and fleece.
  • It is Fully Water Resistant, snow-proof & windproof.
  • Fully adjustable Velcro wrist closure.
  • Easy to wear & comfortable.

4. YUNTUO Bike Gloves : Full Finger Touchscreen Protective

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  • Microfiber, leather Lycra, nylon, extra stitching.
  • Keeps hands warm but also breathes well.
  • Wear-resistant Protective pad.
  • Wrist Velcro tape design, convenient to put on and take off and adjust the degree of tightness at the wrist.
  • Breathable mesh fabric for enhanced air circulation and ventilation.
  • Increasing the friendly touching function to middle finger part of glove, so you can touch your phone screen sensitively and use it conveniently.
  • Half finger bike gloves.

5. Probiker Bike Gloves : Leather

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  • Pre-curved fingers fit riding style.
  • Heat and tear resistant.
  • Water, dirt and oil repellent.
  • Unbreakable knuckle protection.

6. Lala Life Bike Gloves : Nylon Half Finger Hard Knuckle

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  • Humanized Design. It can increase wear resistance and prevent skidding.
  • Half finger Fitness Glove.
  • climbing, wilderness survival, mountain climbing and more.
  • Breathable and soft material.
  • Great for multi activities like tactical, air-soft, paintball, hiking, hunting, motorcycle, cycling, riding and more.

7. Alpinestars Spartan Bike Gloves

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  • Spandex and 3D mesh main shell for excellent levels of breath-ability, performance flex and a well-ventilated fit.
  • Bold and aggressively styled graphic designs on backhand
  • Clarino palm reinforcements for durability and abrasion resistance, plus Clarino thumb panel for additional protection in key areas.
  • Advanced hard polymer knuckle protection is integrated into glove for lightweight feel and styling.
  • Eva foam panels on back of fingers for fit and additional shock protection.
  • Reinforced landing zone with integrated foam padding
  • Air mesh finger structure improves air flow while stretch inserts on finger sidewalls aids flexibility and movement
  • Neoprene cuff with Velcro closure for easy entry and secure fastening, cuff incorporates TPR pull-tab for additional abrasion resistance and ease of closure
  • Pre-contoured finger construction reduces fatigue and improves comfort

Everything about Bike, Cycling and Riding Gloves – Buying Guide

The right pair of gloves will most certainly help you with all kinds of issues while riding. Chaffing while holding the handlebars, the cold wind during winters – even sweat during the summers. The right glove will almost certainly mean you are protected from most complications from riding. travelguidemate helps to bring to you the best in the market, so that your journeys are safer and more enjoyable.

Why riding gloves?

The added benefit of riding gloves – except for the usual protection from the elements, is the added grip and comfort. The moment you find the right gloves for yourself – the realization that you couldn’t go for another ride without them is absolute. Gloves also help reduce shock and chaffing produced from riding making your ride a more pleasurable experience.

What to look for when buying riding gloves?

A few pointers are absolutely necessary to look for while buying gloves. From design aspects to specifically tailored gloves for given situations, riding gloves can have some or be feature full. Read to know what to look for while choosing from the best bike gloves in India.

Design :

Generally categorized into two – full-finger and half-finger gloves, either of them are useful in their respective situations. Full finger gloves are great for the cold weather or on single trail rides. Single trail rides especially require full gloves since the chances of getting cut by stray branches and such are quite prominent. Half finger gloves provide breath-ability and are perfect for summer rides.

Size and Fit :

The right size for you is absolutely necessary. A tighter glove will cause more chaffing and discomfort. The digging between your fingers will cause issues as well. On the other hand, a loose and bigger glove will result in reduced grip as your fingers might wiggle inside the glove.

Padding :

Another important thing to consider, if you are an avid rider is the amount and type of padding. Padding on a glove are around the areas of the palm where it is in contact with the handlebar. Padding essentially offer some relief from the bumps and shocks from riding. On single trails, padding is quite necessary. Although maximum padding will have the same effect as wearing a bigger glove – grip will suffer. There are three kinds of padding – foam, EVA and gel. According to need, buy what you require.

Phone Friendly :

Having to use your phone mid ride might bring the need to take your gloves off. Check for this specific feature as you may be able to do so without taking your gloves off.

Windproof and Waterproof :

During a windy or rainy day, your plans for a bike ride should not be hampered. Gloves do come with such facilities.

Insulation :

A very important feature of a good bike glove is the kind of insulation it offers. A winter ride might freeze your fingers solid, making it difficult to continue your pleasurable journey. Insulation is of two kinds, down and synthetic insulation. Down insulation though much warmer are less breathable than synthetic. Synthetic is quite cheap and easily available.

Grip :

For superior handling of the bike, your hands need to grip the handlebar perfectly. Gloves provide that extra grip that could help make your travelling experience a joy and a much safer alternative. The best shape and materials are thoroughly researched by manufacturers and can help with better gear shifting and breaking as well.

Price Range :

Higher you go with your budget, the better gloves you will find. A significant increase in build quality, better fabric, better padding and a better fit with quality stitching is obvious. Stitching in cheaper alternatives start coming off around the fingers due to regular rubbing against the handlebars. The best bike gloves in India can be found for less than Rs. 1000 to upwards of Rs. 5000. With variable features and build quality.

Material :

A pair that is comfortable is a must. Your riding experience depends on how well your gloves help with mobility and fitting. The material should be breathable to avoid unnecessary build up of sweat and flexible so your gloves do not feel loose at all. Any avoidable damage can befall on you if your gloves are not the right fit and material.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Riding Gloves in India

What are the best bike gloves?

Given on where you want to ride to, glove choice can be subjective. Going to a winter place? Get insulated and windproof gloves. Heading to a desert spot? A more breathable gloves are in order. The size of your hand should be a huge concern while buying gloves. Similarly to no glove fits all, the truth about buying the gloves that you need totally depends on the situation and your needs. The best bike gloves in India are listed below. Read to find your perfect match.

How do you measure your hand for bike gloves?

Using your dominant hand, measure in inches the circumference of your palm on the widest part below the knuckles. From the tip of your middle finger to the base of your hand or to your wrist, measure in inches again, Use these values to find the best fitting glove for you.

What are the best winter biking gloves?

For winter riding purposes, the best kind of gloves to buy are ones with a good amount of padding. Padding that does not hamper your grip on the handlebars, yet providing enough warmth so your fingers do not freeze solid. Wind-proofing is also something to look out for, as the wind might serve to freeze out your fingers too.

What is the difference between summer and winter bike gloves?

Summer gloves, essentially should be either breathable or half fingers as to not trap sweat inside and provide a comfortable ride. Winter gloves have more insulation and provide necessary warmth. The materials used in either can differ and might be the same as well. Only difference would be of insulating/breath-ability factors.

What size bike/motorcycle gloves do I need?

Measure your hand exactly as mentioned above and look for the glove that best fits you. Make sure the padding is not so much that it eventually ends up being the same as an over-sized glove. Fitting is paramount for a good comfort ride.

How tight should bike/motorcycle gloves be?

A well fitted glove can make all the difference. Fit enough so that your fingers have enough mobility but not loose that the grip might be compromised.

Why wear bike gloves?

I explained that in the buying guide. Do read through that to know how to get the best bike gloves in India. Bike gloves are important if you are an avid rider. The main concern for riders are chaffing and reduced grip. For both, bike gloves do a great job at helping. Chaffing is reduced due to some amount of padding, similarly, grip is variably increased if you get the correct fit and kind of glove. If you go on bike rides often, or on long journeys, a pair pf gloves is most certainly going to help with making the trip comfortable.

How to clean bike gloves?

Close the Velcro, or button your gloves and give them a wash using cold water. A washing machine can easily do the job as well. Rinse a little after washing and let them dry. Easy and without hassle.

Where to buy bike gloves?

Online or offline, you can find a variety and the right kind of glove for your purposes. Check out our buying guide to know what exactly to look for while looking for one. The best bike gloves in India are listed down below. Have a read, you might find what you are looking for.

How to choose bike gloves?

A few essential tips to buy gloves are to keep an eye out for fit, size, material used and padding. Features such as insulation and breathability are specific to where you are going to use the gloves. Winters or colder environments almost certainly need warm gloves and summers or hot, humid places require some breathable abilities. You could definitely read the buying guide above to know more and make the correct choice for yourself.


Looking for the best bike gloves in India? Not an easy feat given you are the avid biker, rider or cyclist that loves to travel. The glove that fits you, has the best ergonomic design and the one you could rely on in the heat of the desert or on the windy mountains can be easy to find. You only need to read our buying guide to find the best bike gloves in India.

travelguidemate welcomes all knowledge seekers and leaves them with enough to make informed decisions about their daily purchases.

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